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Lafayette Psychiatric Services does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the ground of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits under any of its programs and activities, and in staff and employee assignments to patients, whether carried out by Lafayette Psychiatric Services directly or through a contractor or any other entity with which Lafayette Psychiatric Services arranges to carry out its programs and activities.




All ​co​-​pays ​and ​balances ​are ​due ​at ​the ​time ​of visit​. Please avoid​ ​cancelling appointments ​due ​to ​an ​outstanding ​balance​. 


Please ​make ​the ​front ​desk ​aware​ of​ any​ new ​insurance ​or ​change​ of ​address​ and​ number at ​the ​time ​you ​visit​.

Please ​arrive ​on ​time ​for​ ​your ​appoint​ment​. ​There ​is ​a ​5-minute ​grace ​period ​for ​late arrivals​. ​If ​you ​arrive ​more ​than ​five minutes late​, ​your ​appointment ​will be rescheduled. 


All ​failed​ ​appoi​ntments ​(​i​.​e​. ​same ​day ​cancellations​, ​no shows​, ​late ​arrivals​) ​are ​subjec​ted ​to ​a ​$​25 ​failed ​appointment ​fee​. ​Please ​note​ that​ automated appointment ​reminders ​are ​courtesy ​calls​, ​it ​is ​solely ​your ​responsibility ​to ​keep ​up ​with your appointment ​times ​and ​schedule.


Please ​be ​complia​nt ​with follow​-​up ​v​isits​, ​consecutive failed​/​cancelled ​appointments ​will ​put ​you ​at ​risk ​for termination ​due ​to ​poor ​compliance​. If ​for ​some ​reason ​you ​miss ​an ​appointment​, ​please ​call ​daily for ​cancellation ​so ​you ​can ​reschedule ​in ​a ​timely ​ma​n​ner​. ​If ​the ​provider ​cancels​, ​you ​will be ​notified​, ​and ​your​ appointment ​will​ be​ rescheduled​. ​If​you ​fail​ to ​talk ​to​ someone​ after​ an appointment ​has ​been ​cancelled ​it ​is ​your ​responsibility ​to ​call ​to reschedule ​your appointment ​in ​a ​timely ​manner ​to ​avoid ​the ​risk ​of ​having ​a ​lapse ​in ​treatment​. ​(​You ​may call ​daily ​for ​cancellations ​to ​reschedule ​an ​appointment​)​. 

Telephone ​Ca​ll​s

​Please ​leave ​detailed ​messages ​as ​to ​why ​you ​are ​calling​, include ​name​, ​date ​of ​birth​, ​and ​provider ​you ​are ​seeing.

​If ​you ​have ​left ​a ​message​, ​please ​allow ​3 ​business ​days ​for ​a response​, ​refrain ​from ​repeated ​calls​, ​if ​after ​72 ​hours ​you ​have ​not received ​a ​return ​call, ​please ​do ​so ​call ​again​. 



When requesting ​documentation​, please ​allow ​15 ​days ​for ​completion​ Note ​there ​is ​a ​$​25​-​$​50 ​charge  ​for ​all ​sets ​of ​forms ​to ​be ​completed ​per form​. ​After ​paperwork ​has ​been ​completed someone ​from ​the ​office ​will notify ​you ​that ​your ​paperwork ​has ​been ​completed​. 



Please ​take ​all ​medications ​as ​directed ​and ​pre​scribed​, ​if ​you ​are ​having problems ​with ​your ​medications ​please ​call or email for prompt response.

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